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Mult-Function Leg Massage Roller (2 color)

RM 63.00 MYR

  •  Full Body Handheld Massage, Offering self-massage trigger point relief this roller uses dual texturing rolling massage points. you can easily massage areas like the calves, thigh, quads, neck, arms, forearms, tennis elbow, or golfer's elbow.

  • Our foam rollers can be used at home or the gym without any professional training. The textured pattern of bumps has alternating rows of finger size bumps that mimic a session with a massage therapist.

  • Use it before a workout or competition to loosen muscles, increase blood flow, which helps for faster recovery from workouts, prevent injury, and improve mobility.

  • Beyond myofascial massage, this muscle roller helps release tension, stress, and pain in the muscles by improving natural circulation and reducing inflammation to restore mobility and flexibility.

  • Lightweight and Portable. Our massager can be used at home, when you’re at the gym, or while traveling or on vacation. We promise each muscle roller will pass through high standards of strict tests before packaging to ensure every customer will get the best product and service.